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Using the latest technology, Quality Produce, LLC., has over 6500 acres in plasticulture and ground vegetable production. By reducing weed competition and improving plant yields, plasticulture produces vegetables that are higher in quality and are more shipping tolerant resulting in a longer shelf life.​ Most of the acreage is irrigated and fertilized through a computerized drip irrigation system that puts water and nutrients right to the root zone of the plants, thus increasing efficiency of water use over 80% and eliminating runoff.​ Quality Produce, LLC. manages  one of the packing facilities and the farming enterprise that produces over 25 commodities including  peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, strawberries and some row crops like peanuts and  cotton. The packing facility is equipped with  two standard coolers with a storage capacity of 850 pallets or 40,160 bushels, which is over 60 trailer loads of produce, as well as a forced air cooler. Quality Produce, LLC. takes pride in being among of the first produce farms in the State of Georgia to be certified under GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Management Practices). Quality Produce, LLC. is certified under the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) audit program. Quality Produce, LLC. and Spring Hill Produce, LLC. packing and cooling operations can accommodate fresh produce needs from the largest supermarket chains to the independent specialty markets. The packing lines operate both a place pack line and a volume fill line with the ability to fill over 1800 boxes of peppers or 900 boxes of cucumbers per hour. With the ability to pack, cool and store these volumes of produce, the customers are assured to receive only the highest quality products from Lewis Taylor Farms.

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John Walker

Quality Produce Facilities MGR

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Farm Operations Mgr

Harvest Fresh Partners
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Shipping Facility
Quality Produce, LLC
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Tifton, Georgia  31793

Seth Dale

Scout/ Crop Adviser

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