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Spring Hill Produce manages the packing facility specializing in cantaloupes, watermelons, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and greens.

For rapid cooling to remove a large percentage of heat from the product, a state of art Hydro Cooler, slusher and clam shell icer are onsite as an integral part of the produce quality program.

Always looking forward, this packing facility conforms to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audit as well as the "over and above" requirements of the  Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association (ECGA).

Under the new initiative introduced by the ECGA, elevated food safety measures for cantaloupes were undertaken starting in 2013 growing season, in the field, harvest crew and packing facility. For the first time an unannounced mini audit is introduced. This is an additional food safety step to reassure our retailers.   
Spring Hill, LLC. packing and cooling operations can accommodate fresh produce needs from the largest supermarket chains to the independent specialty markets. 

Athena Melon Program 

Spring Hill LLC., is pleased to offer a Best in Class Athena melon program in Tifton, GA and spanning the Florida, Carolina & Indiana growing seasons and production windows.

Hand Selected and harvested at their peak!


• S Florida Mid/Late April* – May 15th

• Plant City, Florida May 10th- 31sth

• Tifton, Georgia May 28th - July 20th

• NC/SC July 7 – August 15

• Indiana – Mid July – End of August

* All dates are guidelines only and dependent upon weather

Cantaloupes are precisely sized and expertly graded.

Each season this single location ships well over 3 million melons with many seasons seeing perfect receiving records.

Cantaloupes washed and pre-graded and another critical control point for sanitization

Cantaloupes exiting Hydro cooler which lowers core temperature from 100 degrees by 45-50 degrees in 20-30 minutes and allows us to load trucks directly off the line if necessary and Hydro cooler exponentially increases shelf life for retailers and consumers due to the critical rapid break in heat curve.

The Food Safety of fresh produce depends on many factors, from cultivation to consumer and all of our Athena program growers meet and exceed the highest industry benchmarks

Mike Wood

Farm Operations Mgr

Seth Dale

Scout/ Crop Adviser

Harvest Fresh Partners
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Spring Hill Packing -Shipping Facility

241 Ty Ty Omega Road

Tifton, Georgia  31793

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