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Lewis Taylor began farming operations in Tifton, Georgia in the 1930's as a transplant producer for the Southeastern United States. Today Lewis Taylor Farms is one of the largest privately owned vegetable and greenhouse operations in the Southeast. Purchased from their families in 1985 Bill Brim and Ed Walker set out to change the their business as they new it.  In 1989 they built the first greenhouses and 2 years later they began growing produce.  After 4 years they built their first of two packing facilities.  Now over 80 years later Lewis Taylor Farms grows more than 6500 acres of produce each year.  We have continued to grow and add to our greenhouse operation with currently 81 greenhouses at just under 900,000 sq ft of growing space as well as 6 circle pivots holding all 80 million pine seedlings we grow each year.  


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